Board of Directors

Jennifer Gallerani


Jennifer Gallerani is the VP of Compliance and Regulatory Affairs for Herbl, one of the leading distributors of cannabis products in California. She joined Blackbird (a division of Herbl) after 11 years of working with project delivery teams for high-profile land use development and transportation infrastructure improvements obtaining environmental clearance under the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA). Jennifer’s knowledge of laws and regulations pertaining to environmental and cannabis compliance allows her to be particularly effective in strategizing the most efficient approach to approvals involving local, state, and federal agencies.  She leads several industry-wide initiatives directly with State regulators through her Chair of the Board position for the Cannabis Distribution Association, particularly with issues related to track-and-trace systems. Jennifer also serves as the Chair of the NCIA State Regulations Committee, Technology and Compliance Subcommittee.

Brian Dewey


Brian Dewey is the Head of Business Development for Nabis, one of the leading third-party distributors of cannabis products in California shipping nearly $100M of top-tier wholesale products. Brian brings over 20 years of elite sales, management and distribution experience with cannabis companies and major craft breweries to Nabis. He arrived from Kiva, where he helped build the edibles manufacturer into one of the largest cannabis brands in the country, and developed the infrastructure to catapult Kiva Sales & Service into an innovation incubator and California’s second-largest cannabis edibles distributor. Prior to Kiva, Brian created the company’s inaugural national account strategy for Stone Brewing catapulted them into one of the biggest craft breweries and managed the largest craft beer distribution network on the West Coast. At Sierra Nevada, he created the on-premise national account strategy that helped the seminal craft beer company become the largest privately owned brewery in the U.S. Brian is motivated by helping brands succeed and his skill at establishing new partnerships and driving margin growth is at the core of Nabis’ wholesale platform development. An avid surfer who lives in Southern California, Brian enjoys spending time with his family and attending sporting events with his children.

Kristi Palmer


Kristi Palmer is cofounder of Kiva Confections, a widely recognized cannabis edibles company born in California. Kristi is the driving force behind Kiva’s customer service philosophy and has created and applied best practices in sales, distribution and marketing to cannabis operations. Kiva serves the states of CA, AZ, NV, IL, MI, HI and OH with its high-quality edibles, and provides category leaders in other verticals through its distribution company, Kiva Sales and Service. Kristi is passionate about creating a healthy regulatory environment for the cannabis industry. She serves on the Board of Directors of three reputable trade groups: CCIA, CDA and CCMA (as a founding Board member).

Wesley Hein

mammoth distribution

Wesley Hein is head of regulatory and government affairs and compliance for Mammoth Distribution, one of the largest state-wide cannabis distributors in the California. Prior to Mammoth, Wesley served as a consultant to Colorado’s Way To Grow (one of the country’s largest hydroponic chains) helping them navigate California’s new regulatory system. Wesley has extensive experience in founding and managing high growth companies. Past experience includes being co-founder & president of Enigma Records (acquired by EMI),EVP Hollywood Records Division of the Walt Disney Company, co-founder Cinebase Software (Kodak), and co-founder of Enigma Digital (acquired by Clear ChannelCommunications).

David Hua

meadow distribution

David Hua is the CEO and Co-Founder of Meadow, a software company built from the ground up for California cannabis. Meadow’s powerful all-in-one point of sale software powers retail and delivery businesses across the state. Hua is also the founder of Meadow Distribution, a licensed California cannabis distribution company serving manufacturers and retailers in Northern California. Hua has partnered with retailers and manufacturers of all sizes throughout California, utilizing technology to maintain compliance with local and state regulations, scale with the Adult Use market, and create operational efficiencies across the supply chain that allow these businesses to thrive in a regulated industry. He has also collaborated with the California cannabis community and California regulators to draft, implement, and provide stakeholder feedback on medical and Adult-Use regulations, from pre-MMRSA to today’s regulations.

Will Senn


Will Senn is the founder of Urbn Leaf. Will is one of the cannabis industries’ earliest entrepreneurs. Over the past 14 years, he successfully built 8 early-stage medical cannabis businesses. His focus project, Urbn Leaf, is regarded as one of the most successful Cannabis retail brands in California. The company holds licenses in all verticals of the industry and maintains a centralized distribution infrastructure to support its retail operations.  Will is a founding member of several local (Southern California) and national organizations, including the Global Alliance for Cannabis Commerce (GACC), whose sole focus is federal cannabis reform; the United Medical Marijuana Association (UMMC); the Patient Care Association; the Alliance for Responsible Medicinal Access; and the Citizens for Patient’s Rights.

Karen Torres


Karen Torres is the Vice President of Supply Chain Operations at MedMen, a cannabis retailer with flagship locations in CA, NV, IL, FL, and NY. Prior to cannabis, Karen spent 16 years in third party logistics and supply chain management, engineering solutions and serving a diverse portfolio of clients globally in Food and Beverage, Retail, Manufacturing and Distribution. She has also held several roles as advisor and independent consultant to tech startups in the logistics and final mile delivery space. Karen has a passion for people and problem solving, making her a dynamic leader in supply chain. Her breadth of experience across multiple industries has been a key factor in the success of MedMen’s distribution and logistics strategy and partnerships nationally.

Lauren Fraser


Lauren Fraser is a founding board member of the Cannabis Distribution Association (CDA). In this capacity for the past five years, she has been advocating for sensible legislation and regulation surrounding cannabis policy. Since joining the cannabis industry in2014, Lauren has built and scaled statewide cannabis distribution operations from the ground-up. Her first cannabis startup, River Distribution (now owned by Cresco Labs), received the first local permit for wholesale cannabis distribution in California and achieved $20M in revenue in the first 12 months of operation.  Currently, Lauren advises businesses across the California cannabis supply chain, in a board member and/or consultant capacity. In 2020, she co-founded Smoothee Inc., a cannabis packaging platform designed for brands in the infused flower category.  Prior to joining the cannabis industry, Lauren worked in financial services with The Vanguard Group, as Human Resources and Corporate Wellness Director for IDEA Health & Fitness Association, and as an independent consultant for startups in multiple industries including angel/venture financing, fitness, health and wellness, sustainability, entertainment, luxury, and medical devices.  Lauren holds a degree in Finance and a Masters in Business Administration from San Diego State University.

Felipe Recalde


Felipe Recalde shares a vision for an industry-leading supply chain technology. Felipe develops companies by leveraging leading data, analytics, and machine learning technology to develop the leading distribution technology platform for the cannabis industry. Felipe also has advisor and investor roles across the cannabis ecosystem in tissue culture, agricultural sensory platforms, and delivery technology. A lifelong technology geek and advocate of the “hacker” approach to problem-solving, Felipe has been in the cannabis industry for over 20 years and in distribution and delivery logistics for different industries for over 15 years. In addition to his operational and advisory roles, Felipe serves on board of multiple associations that help drive policy and legislation as the industry transitions.

Ariana Tibbets

gold mountain distribution

Ariana Tibbets is Co-Founder of Gold Mountain Distribution which was founded to create a pathway to market for the many farmers and families in her community. As a native to the Sierra foothills and Humboldt County regions, Ariana has been deeply rooted in the cannabis community both regionally and statewide for the past twenty years. Gold Mountain's core team embodies a diverse skill set from decades of work in a variety of industries across legal, public service, marketing, cultivation, and finance, dedicated to using these collective strengths to give back to the cannabis community as it has given to each of them. Ariana holds a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis in Nutrition and Sports Injury and is on track for her doctorate in Sports Medicine. As a practicing therapist for the last twenty years, she has established specializations in degeneration, chronic pain and rehabilitation, and aiding cardiac rehabilitation patients to achieve overall wellness through the integration of proper exercise, nutrition, and holistic medicine. Ariana is certified in both Eastern and Western herbal medicine from the North West School for Botanical Studies in Arcata, CA. Ariana is a founding board member of the California Growers Association, founding member of the Cannabis Distribution Association, educator at Oaksterdam University, and course instructor through Green Flower Media. Ariana is also the founder of Cannagirl, a female focused cannabis brand platform promoting female farmers and women-owned brands as well as educating consumers about the benefits of cannabis and vast product offerings.
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